Our seed operations in Idaho provide us with a constant source of high quality seed for our growers.

  • Control contract with grower
  • Genetics - Key to final product
  • NON GMO Certification
  • Large Seeded GN
  • Seed Coat Integrity
  • Light Color

Please click on a seed name in the chart below to view the specifications for each type.

Great Northern Andromeda(13151) Proprietary - Kelley Bean Co.
Great Northern Aries (5106) Proprietary - Kelley Bean Co.
Great Northern Draco (6107) Proprietary - Kelley Bean Co.
Great Northern Hydra (7111) Proprietary - Kelley Bean Co.
Great Northern Virgo (13172) Proprietary - Kelley Bean Co.
Pintos Bill Z Public
Pintos Cowboy Proprietary
Pintos DR Wood Proprietary
Pintos Lapaz Proprietary
Pintos Lariat Proprietary - NDSU
Pintos Max Proprietary
Pintos Monterrey Proprietary
Pintos Montrose Proprietary - Colorado State University
Pintos ND Falcon Proprietary - NDSU
Pintos Othello Public
Pintos Poncho Proprietary
Pintos Quincy Public
Pintos Roughrider Proprietary
Pintos Torreon Proprietary
Pintos Windbreaker Proprietary - Seminis
Blacks Black Bear Proprietary
Blacks Black Beard Proprietary
Blacks Black Tails Proprietary
Blacks Eclipse Proprietary - NDSU
Blacks GTS 1103 Proprietary - GenTec
Light Red Kidney Big Red Proprietary
Light Red Kidney California Early Public
Light Red Kidney Pink Panther Proprietary - Seminis
Light Red Kidney Ronnies Red Proprietary
Navies Alpena Proprietary
Navies Blizzard Proprietary
Navies Medalist Proprietary - SeedWest Inc/Rogers Brand
Navies T-9905 Proprietary - Hyland
Pinks Magnolia (13588) Proprietary
Pinks Floyd Proprietary - SeedWest Inc/Rogers Brand
Pinks UI-537 Public
Pinks Viva Proprietary - SeedWest Inc/Rogers Brand
Small Reds Ruby Proprietary
Small Reds Viper Proprietary
Small Reds NW-63 Public
Small Reds UI-239 Public
Dark Red Kidney Dynasty Proprietary
Dark Red Kidney Epic Proprietary
Dark Red Kidney Montcalm Proprietary - USDA-ARS/Michigan Ag. Exp. Stat.
Dark Red Kidney Redhawk Proprietary - USDA-ARS/Michigan Ag. Exp. Stat.
Dark Red Kidney Red Rover Proprietary
Dark Red Kidney Spire Proprietary
Yellow MY 12724 Proprietary - Kelley Bean Co.


“There is a long-standing tradition in the U.S. Capitol that August senators should be able to dine every single day on common bean soup. Its presence has become the stuff of legend and various legislators are given credit for inaugurating the dish.  

Joseph G. Cannon, Speaker of the House from 1903 to 1911, has the most colorful  claim, having burst out one day in protest after perusing the menu: ‘Thunderation, I had my mouth set for bean soup! From now on, hot or cold, rain snow or shine, I want it on the menu every day.’  

With this demand, the cooks willingly obliged and all eleven Capital dining rooms have served it every day ever since.”

from “Beans, A History” by Ken Albala