Why Kelley Bean?
Because we have the people, experience, and ability to deliver an incredibly high level of value across all factors that impact dry beans.  We have a track record that stretches back to 1927 and an attitude that we can do better tomorrow than we did today.

Risk Management – Factors such as a growing Chinese middleclass and ethanol production have sent shock waves throughout agriculture.  For many customers, risk management and cost containment have become the driving decision making factors.  At Kelley Bean, we feel one of our core responsibilities is to help our customers navigate this new world.  We offer multiple ways to help mitigate risk including, but not limited to, fixed price contracts, multi-year contracts, and substitute varieties and qualities.
Experience – Beyond various contracting strategies, we offer sound advice.  Our team closely follows key factors that can impact dry bean markets.  We have a deep understanding of how such things as competing crops (corn, wheat, and soybeans), currency markets, and acreage patterns overseas can play into our markets here at home.  We feel that we must do more than just sell beans in order to remain relevant to our customers.
Grown in the U.S.A. – While we do source some product from Canada and have a great respect for our neighbors to the North, we are extremely proud to say that we source nearly 100% of our product from U.S. farmers.  We understand that other countries grow dry beans – often at lower prices.  However, we also understand that food safety standards, rules, and regulations are much different in some parts of the world than they are here in the U.S.  We want the ability, on any given day in the summer, to walk out and see what is going on in the fields and talk to the farmers who are making it happen.  Our thriving community of direct partnerships with local U.S. growers lies at the heart of our continued success.
Food Safety/Quality – An enormous amount of resources are allocated to food safety and quality at Kelley Bean.  We invest in the latest equipment technology each and every year and have multiple facilities that are BRC and AIB Certified.  But even with the best equipment and programs, people still lie at the heart of dry bean processing.  Having processed dry beans since 1927, producing a safe, high quality product is one of our core competencies.
Supply Chain Control – We believe food safety and quality must begin at the origin of the life cycle and then pass seamlessly through the entire supply chain.  We conduct methodic, NON-Genetic, single plant selection research to help improve the agronomic and quality characteristics of the bean seed.  This certified seed is then grown by our thriving community of grower partnerships around the country under control contracts.  Kelley Bean field personnel assist our growers during the growing season with agronomic advice to help ensure the best quality crop possible.  At harvest, we segregate what Mother Nature has provided by specific quality parameters.  The beans are then cleaned and bagged using the most modern equipment available such as electronic sorters and metal detectors.  Our job is not over until our product has arrived safely and timely to our customer’s doorstep.
Customer Service – A perfect bean at the perfect price is the expectation of the customer.  We understand that.  It is through our service where we aim to WOW our customers.  Kelley Bean has a group of experienced and talented individuals whose sole responsibility is to make the customer’s job easier.  Be it a listening ear, a quick response, or jumping in head first to help solve a problem, many of our long term customers see our Customer Service Department as a valued extension of their staff.  In addition, we have recently partnered with one of the most respected logistic network designers in the U.S. to help continually improve our on-time delivery percentages.  After all, what good is all of the above if the product doesn’t arrive when our customers need it?

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